Big babies

I want to do a big baby for myself. I like open eyes. I would her to wear a solid 6 months in clothes :slight_smile:

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I think Elliot and Grant are 6 month size and awake kits. Amelia and Kenzie also wear 6 months.

Also, 6-month Easton. She wears 6 months.

I think @dinokc has an Easton! :joy: :laughing:

Ahem, I have told you Easton is going nowhere. I will pay you child support and we can work out visitation :rofl::rofl::rofl:

deal, but i want you to look at Lily gold rooting and do his hair just like that!

Omg that hair has me Gaga! Nope. We will buy Easton a wig.

I think Grant’s pretty cute and 6 month size. So is 3 month Joseph. Kitten and Cookie are 9 month size. Also check Irresistables for 22-24" kits.

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Now I want to see your Easton ha ha

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He’s not even started lol. @marleeton has soooo many babies she forgot I adopted him until I mentioned it the other day. We’re gonna have to split custody now that she’s remembered :joy:

This Easton is on Reborns right now, but Easton is a sleeping baby.
I was planning to paint Elliott, but closer to the end of the year. She has open eyes and very cute face. Easton, Grant and Elliot share the limbs.

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I really want Grace by Ping Lau but she is back order :frowning:


I’d wait and get the one I really want. You can go ahead and preorder and they’ll let you know when she comes in.