Bending fingures

Has anyone tried to bend the fingers when they are hot from the oven? I don"t know if this makes since but I have a kit with the fingers strieght and I wanted my baby to have the index finger pointed but the rest of the fingers bent like a fist

I don’t know if you could get a fist, but you could definitely get the fingers bent some. Put a wide rubber band around the fingers to hold them in place until they cool.


Check out Cozy’s limbs. I don’t if they’re the right size but her left hand is exactly what you want.

I don’t know but would think that unless you put something in the fist to help it curve , you may end up with a flat sharp bend

Thanks ladies for your advise I think I will try the rubber band trick. jeanhai you are right Cozy has the arms I want but I don"t want to buy the kit if I don’t have too. I made Corbin before he has the same arms but I can’t remember how big they were.