Belly plate color

I wanna buy a couple belly plates, 2949. The ones I’m looking at say, olive. I know this kit is a lil darker than the others. Will this belly plate match the new realborns and newer color kits?

I think they make a belly just for Olive…

It say, it’s made to match Denise new kit Olive. But it also says fits kits kits 18 to 22inches. I wanna make sure it matches some of the other kits before I order them. I’m not good enough to neutralize the plate to match the kit.

I can take a picture of Ella compared to a realborn kit to show the difference in blank vinyl.

Ella and Everly are the same warn vinyl as Olive

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no flash here but my phone goes a little blurry

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Thank you

Thank you! That helps a lot. I think I’ll just order 2 of them. Thanks for taking the pictures n sharing them.

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