Bellami - Full Vinyl French Bulldog

I know we talked about it a little before but didn’t have a post for the kit
So here is some more info…


@Nikkiroc - it says Macpherson’s may carry it…

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Is the monkey vinyl?

I see it says coming soon in vinyl! Cool!

I hope he comes soon!!!

checked McPhersons no go. If you can order one what is the rate of exchange its only in pounds. Thank you

I am not sure. The sculptor listed @MacPhersonCrafts as the Canada dealer…

Yesterday she said she is still waiting to hear back from US dealers…

You aren’t able to get US pricing or get to her Wee Bit site, it shows error.Guess I’ll just have to wait on it ,thank you .

I asked her on facebook if her site is down.

The second link works but I think that dealer is in Germany… nope just looked… UK

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She thinks her website host is doing maintenance and that Esther in the USA will have Bellami kits, and she will update her site with Esther’s info once she has it all.

I asked her what Esther’s site is… I have never heard anyone refer to Esther here… ?

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She said it is Irresistables. :slight_smile: They just dont have the page up yet.


Check this version out!

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