Been naughty, again!

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, why do I keep buying kits when I don’t need them! I have just bought Princess Adelaide from Macphersons so shipping will be high to UK but just had to have her. I’m not too sure if I like her face but I love that she can stand on tippy toes. There must be a doctor somewhere that can help the compulsion to keep buying baby parts!


I do love those toes! She’d look so sweet trying to reach up to a table or cabinet.
Her face is just too extreme for me. I prefer happy or neutral expressions.

Adelaide is a really cute kit!
Don’t feel bad about being a hoarder. I started this year with a relatively small stash of 26, but now have over 70.:crazy_face:


Love the photos! Wow if you have over 70 I’m just a mini hoarder!

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Is it bad that I’m kind of jealous of that second pic? So many dollies! :heart_eyes:

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There is no cure for this affliction! It hits hard and never lets up. I blame it on my computer that makes it so easy to see new kits and then it’s so easy to order. Of course, without my computer I wouldn’t even know this art form existed, so there’s that! LOL


Need has nothing whatsoever to do with buying kits. lol There is no cure. Paint faster.


Another hoarder over here with over 100 kits in my stash. At least joining this site has slowed down my purchases. Instead of surfing all the kits for sale all the time I’m spending more surfing time on the forum so not buying as much as often. This is definitely an addition though.


I want her kit so bad, Every time I see one reborned for sale I want to buy her for my collection but can’t justify the $ right now. I just started painting again a few weeks ago and until I have my kit hoard down to a reasonable amount I can’t buy more :frowning:

She is in stock in the UK. Cancel your order and get her from the UK. You will save on shipping and the customs bill.

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I’m in that boat, too, but mine’s sinking. I pre-ordered Petya yesterday. I just couldn’t resist her.

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@jeanhai, who is Petya?? Who sculpted her?? Where can I see her??

She was sculpted by Lenka Polacek. Irresistables and several other companies have her on pre-order.

Who in UK has her?

Dolllicreations still has her.

I don’t seem to be able to find that supplier on the internet

They have an ebay shop if their website is not working again.

Yes, there are doctors who can help those with addictions – of any sort. :slight_smile: I used to work for a center for addiction treatment. If I feel I am becoming too obsessive over something such as dollie kits, I get a “check” in my conscience! It just has come with me, I suppose, from seeing the problems of addiction and how it destroys the person and their families. Of course I know you guys are not speaking of that level of addiction… But that is just my experience with it all. By the way the Petya doll kit is so cute. Wish I could find a picture of her tippy toes. Must be just too cute!

Found her, thank you.

She is a cutie but that one arm bothers me a little, I wonder if you can switch it? Can’t wait to see what you do with her. I love her face and her tip toes though!