Been doing some organizing

Organized my heat set paints Friday. I had this basket shelf in the kitchen and had relocated it twice with rearranging in there. I needed something to display my Genesis better so I could see my colors and what I have. It was all getting hard to sort through in boxes. So I took this from the kitchen. The bottom shelf basket has 2 layers of acrylic trays with paints in them. The only negative thing about it is that it is too tall to fit in one of my shelf cubbies so I have to leave it out on my desk top. I like that I can see things better now though.

I also cleaned out some Ultimate Fusion hair colors and RebornFX darker skin tone colors and have those up for sale.


I use the drawer that is sold for K-cups for my Genesis paints (purchased at Thrift stores).


That is a great idea!

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I have one of those drawers but it’s black and is holding k cups :joy:

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