Beautiful Video Footage of Real Baby Landon!

Hey everyone!

Check out this precious video footage of real baby Landon. The way a newborn smiles and moves is just breathtaking! His little cries just melt me as well. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of his photo session. Being able to cuddle these little cuties is definitely one of the best parts of my job! Come see real Landon for yourself:

This beautiful video is also featured on our home page:

Realborn Landon will be released very soon, so be sure to watch for him! He is not one to miss!


Bountiful Baby


I think this should be done with all the real babies photo shoot!! This video is beautiful!! :heart::heart: Landon is such a little chunk!! Just too precious!!

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Too cute oh I am in love

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Gorgeous! This is also my favorite part of working with tiny babies. So, so sweet!

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Such a beautiful video!

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Oh my gosh, so adorable!
He’s beautiful!

OH my gosh that video just melted my heart! Landon is beyond adorable, so so sweet! Thank you @EmilyBB for sharing ! I’d love to see more videos/photo-shoots of the infants used for the Realborns, I love the realborns and seeing the real Landon makes the connection more well real! Oh let’s not forget adorable toddler Emmy! She is beautiful!

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Oh my, he is SO cute! Looks so squishy and adorable!!!