BBs "Tracy" NEW RELEASE and our next DEAL OF THE DAY "Amber"

Hi Everyone!

We have just released Tracy, by Donna RuBert. Tracy is about 21 inches long, and is on our home page:



Also, our next DEAL OF THE DAY (for Thursday, October 17) is Lane, by Sandra White. Lane is also prominently shown on our home page, and is being made available early (now) at JUST $14.95! Our previous DEAL OF THE DAY, Josie (by Tasha Edenholm) is also still available for the rest of Wednesday at $14.95. So, for a few hours, BOTH of the deals are available at once!

Thanks so much, everyone!

Bountiful Baby

Bountiful Baby
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Yay! I can’t wait to see everyone’s versions of Tracy!