BB Scarlet Body

Morning ladies, I am getting ready to start BB’s Scarlet and she calls for a 3/4 limb body----has anyone made her on a “realborn” type body?? If you have, may I see a picture please. I want to make sure the legs don’t look too short and out of proportion, but I really don’t like the 3/4 limb bodies, the legs go everywhere!! Thank You

Here is mine that a used a front load leg type body and it looked OK.


Thank you, she looks adorable. I guess it’s ok to use this body then. I appreciate it very much. BTW, very cute Scarlet, many of these babies are NOT too pretty, this one’s adorable, hope mine comes out this well.

Thank you Lynn for your kind words. Don’t worry because your baby will turn out beautiful.

Boy, I sure hope so, if she looks like yours I will be very happy!!

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