BB Sale Items for 12/30/22 (more than just kits!)

Most of the 50% off sale kits are NOT closeouts, so they have rarely been on sale before. They are on sale now, and with FREE bodies!

+45 More Sale Kits (with free bodies)


+40 more sale items like these!

Come see at:

@kareninflorida, your favorite kit is listed on sale!!


Thanks, I’m good! :smiley:


@kareninflorida You are the only one that everybody knows your favorite BB baby! Shows how much you are loved and respected!

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Awwww @AnnieSokay , thank you :two_hearts: I have blabbed so much over the years about PG, people are probably sick of me by now :joy:

So sad that kit is gone, but I have a pretty good stash so I’ll be able to paint him/her whenever I feel the urge. Such a great face, so newborn…see…there I go again :two_hearts: