BB Realborn® Kase Asleep Prototype by Evon Nather is on eBay Now!

Hi Everyone,

Realborn® Kase Asleep, prototype by Evon Nather is on eBay now!
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Bountiful Baby

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My new favorite! Evon did a great job and the photography really sets this baby apart from other babies on eBay right now.

I agree Pia, this one is my favorite so far.

He is superior! If I had the funds, I would purchase him. Her work on him is just amazing!

So adorable. Can’t wait till he comes out.

Yes, here is a link to her Facebook Page, I believe you can message her. :smile:

Beth, if you find out, let us know. I think she just “tea stained” a white receiving blanket, onesie and hat to make them look the way they do. I haven’t seen that print in a receiving blanket, but I bet you could find some flannel that you like and hem the edges and make your own?

Beautiful baby!!!

Yes its tea staining, they sell all this stuff on Etsy. I got a few cute long sleeved onesies that are tea stained and their really nice.
You can make your own pretty easily…but id rather drink the tea and buy one already done lol

I am pretty sure this is the receiving blanket:
Just need to “tea stain” it with a onesie and this hat:

:laughing: Let me guess? You ordered the blanket and hat? I was actually on the site to order an umbilical cord clip (Miracle has a terrible "stump) and started browsing around. Found the pattern you were after!