BB needs to mess up more!

I know companies are all about quality control and I absolutely know BB has the best kits at fantastic prices…but man, I loved the seconds sale category which is missing now :frowning: My “give away, sell cheap” box is getting empty and I think I haven’t started back because I’m not sure if I even want to do some of them. I NEED a fix, BB! And think of all those poor newbies out there that want to learn…and not die when they ruin a kit. I’d have never learned without your seconds sales! Plus I have three or four seconds that still need reworking or tossing and I can do that without crying. But I need more! Sure, your regular prices are great and your sales are fantastic but your seconds let me try kits I’m not sure about (lol, and fall in love with) and inspire me to get restarted. Help! Mess up more!


Seconds Sadie is on sale, though. Or am I misunderstanding you?

Lol, scrolled down to bottom on home page and found the seconds listings. Somehow I had forgotten where they put it and thought they had done away with it…duh! Looked all over this morning but must have been blind! Forgive me, BB, for doubting your commitment to all your adoring customers! Now to go shopping!

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Lol, and now they just put 50 kits on sale since I’ve been on here this morning! BB, you are awesome!

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I just received the email saying they got discounted kits now. It’s like they were listening! :rofl: