BB kit specials for 1/25/23

Our “Kit(s) of the Day” are what is left of our prepainted but unassembled Kinby dolls. Of our unassembled Kinby kits, we are sold out of Imani and Nathan, and only have Grace and Katelyn remaining. All four (Grace, Katelyn, Imani and Nathan) are still available on the Kinby website (, but on that site they are fully assembled and sell at a higher price.

These remaining unassembled Kinby kits are more than 70% off our original unassembled prices.

Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 10.52.56 AM

Our other kit specials are a set of 48 “Overstock” kits. Some of these are closeouts, but many are not. The closeouts are 60% off, and the others are 50% off. AND, you get a free body of your choice for each kit purchased from this set!

Below you can see 4 of those 48 “Overstock” kits, but click the picture to be taken to our website where you can see all 48 of them…

Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 10.57.03 AM