BB Kit Sale! (Before Tax Day)

Hi Everyone!

This is Nevin (CEO of Bountiful Baby). I just came back from meeting with our accountant, and…

Our 2016 tax year was better than anticipated. That’s GOOD news, obviously, but now the bad part…

Because of a better-than-expected tax year, our quarterly tax payments fell a bit short. And that means…

We must make up the shortfall before the April 17th deadline. And that means…

Yep! You guessed it! A KIT SALE!!!

The sole purpose of this sale is to raise revenue for the tax man. Once sufficient revenue has been raised, things will revert back to normal. So hurry if you want in on the sale!

All of the sale kits can be prominently seen on our home page:

Thanks so much!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


Oh, such temptations… :heart_eyes:

I know and Ginger is so cute. So many to choose from, very tempting, I must look gain.:scream_cat:

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I couldn’t resist Ginger and Gracie! :heart_eyes:


I thought about Ginger too! Trying to hold out because I know joseph wipl he out soon.

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I really don’t need anymore kits. But I’m seriously thinking about ginger.

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I took an inventory count a few weeks ago. I have over 46 kits now. I don’t need anymore kits but I still want them all lol. I’m a kit hoarder! I’m finishing up my last custom and will be finally starting on painting my stash. :smile:


I have about 30 kits. Just picked up Kenzie from the post office today. If they switch up to a kit I want, then I will order it. It’s an addiction. I go to the goodwill every Monday, knowing I don’t need no more clothes or shoes. But I’m addicted to going!!