BB has 60% Off Kits, Bodies, and Other Items!

I have placed a select number of kits, bodies, and other items at 60% off. The sale is good over the weekend. You can see them all on our home page:

I put 16 of each on sale (16 different kits, 16 different bodies, and 16 different other items), which is 48 different items, each @ 60% off.

The ones on sale are the ones where we have the most “days of stock”. This will change over the weekend so that it is always the 16 (of each) that we have the most “days of stock” that are on sale.

This means any particular one could come off sale at any time, depending on how it sells over the weekend.

After this sell ends, I will put a limited number of kits on sale at 50% off, and the bodies/other items on sale at about 40% off. But right now they are 60% off.

Nevin Pratt, CEO

P.S. With our OPS GEAR liquidation, there is now 65% off site wide (at, until 12/15/21.


Thank you! I grabbed 2 of the Wendy kits for $19.98 each! I am always looking for inexpensive open eyed full limb kits to make for the budget babies that usually are purchased for kids.


Grabbed a Wendy. Thank you BB

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Me too

I’m hoping some 19” bodies go on sale. Always seems to be 16-18” or 20”.

Great sale wish I could but we have emergency going on right now won’t know any answers for few days all I can say is prayers needed.

I saw a kit I love love on sale other day and today as well.

Elsie I really like smile and then Raine as reminds me a kid. Alma I want to do as donation sometime in 2022 when In stock