BB discontinued Taylor

There’s a BB Taylor kit on eBay for $120. I think someone on the forum was looking for her.


I’ve never heard of this one!

There were 4 toddlers. Tibby, Taylor, Stinker and Tessa. Tibby is the only one that wasn’t discontinued.

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I didn’t know that!!! Cool!!!

Their was also one for $100

Here’s a quick pic of me and mine. I am currently re-doing her lips, limbs and changing the eyes


@aclovly She looks nice, her hair is pretty, can’t wait to see what you do with her. What kind of paint do you use?


Thanks, I use genesis heat set

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I have all 4 in my hoard of kits


I finally got Stinket and Tessa but have they reborned them yet either. I have Tibby done, she and Taylor were some of my first. I keep saying I need to start them but end up doing someone else instead

NOOOO… NOOOO… :slight_smile: I want all 4. But unfortunately I cannot have them. I do wish they would bring back Stinker at least.