BB Cookie body question

I know Cookie is 25in and they do have a 3/4 limb body for her, but it’s the body I don’t like (the one shaped like an overstuffed potato with a wide bodybuilder chest with line backer shoulders). Would I be ok to size her up to a 28 inch 3/4 limb body? I have seen people put 3 month Joseph on a 25in body, but didn’t know if it just worked for him due to all his chunkiness.

Cookie is going to be an alternative baby, not a realistic baby, so if she looks just a tad off on a bigger body, it wouldn’t matter with this specific character…just don’t want it to be too terribly awkward.

Any help/advice is appreciated :black_heart:

The 28" body is the same design, just bigger. I really dislike those bodies. has a 24-26" one by Adrie Stoete and also a 25-26" one. Either of these would fit better.


Ugh…I’m glad you pointed that out…the main photo was from the side and I didn’t even realize it was the same one…I almost bought it tonight, but decided to wait (Thank goodness). :scream::scream::scream:

Sandie’s will actually work…the body being white will actually work in my favor also. Thank you very much @jeanhai!

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This is what I did. @AmandasyReborns
I would paint another Cookie, can’t wait to see what you do.

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Omg! You’re Beetlejuice is amazing! :scream::heart_eyes:

I don’t think my Cookie will turn out that amazing, but I’ll definitely share her WIP when I get to her. I already know where I’m getting her eyes from on Etsy…the body was just the last piece of the puzzle.

Thank you VERY VERY VERY much for sharing @AnnieSokay! :two_hearts::heart::two_hearts: Now I’m kind of intimidated on how amazing yours came out.

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This is the body I got from Dolls by Sandie

Edited to Add This is the type of body, but I got the 24-26". I screenshot the wrong size.

@AnnieSokay Does the vinyl for Cookie (and all the similar kits) look dark peachy or is it light vinyl like some other kits? I’ve seen photos of blank kits in the link you shared for the painting party, but depending on lighting/flash…I just want a kind of idea of what it will look like before the kit gets here. I’m going to want to make the kit white, so I want to start getting together a plan of attack (so I can work on getting as consistent of white wash that I can). I wasn’t as particular with Lucian Kane, because I just wanted to start with as light a base as I could, so the peach wouldn’t peak through the gray…with alternative Cookie…I need as close to a porcelain white as I can get. I’m going for a vintage alternative (not sure if I can join the vintage challenge that’s going on because I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time to finish her…unless I can quickly get her to white, because shading will not take as long as getting her kit to white).

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I am making a doll for my daughter that is white. I did one round of the Primary method then added two thin coats of white. The vinyl for Kitten was light vinyl if I remember correctly, not 100% positive though.

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Thank you SO much! :two_hearts::pray::two_hearts: I’ll give that a try. If that works for me, I’ll finally be able to join a challenge…YAY! :tada::confetti_ball::tada:

Also, that was the right type of body, but I screenshot the wrong size…I got the 24"-26" size body, not the 22"-24" size. I had to check my order real fast to make sure I really didn’t order that one…I should have just followed the link in my order, then I wouldn’t have freaked myself out thinking I got the wrong size. lol

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I just got Cookie today…wasn’t expecting her this quick, cause I only ordered her like 2 days ago. Anyway, she is the very light vinyl…doesn’t appear that there is any color to the kit (doesn’t even look peachy to me).

Because the kit is so light, should I just start in with white washes or would you still recommend a few primary layer washes and then going in with the white. I apologize if I’m asking too many questions. I promise I’m not trying to get you to walk me through the whole thing…just enough to get started and I’m good from there on out.

Thank you for ALL of your help @AnnieSokay

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On my Pennywise all I used was white, black and grey for shading for his skin but most of my creatures get a primary layer or two then I go for the white. Ask away! I don’t mind.

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