BB Christmas Weekend Special Extended to Monday Evenining!

(Since Monday December 26th is the “Observed” holiday for USPS and the banks, our Weekend Christmas Sale will include Monday! Also, official Bountiful Baby holidays are the USPS holidays, so Monday is a day off for our employees. This means that we will be behind and not all of the weekend orders will ship on Tuesday, so please be patient…)

Extended to Monday Evening!

Christmas Weekend Special

Buy Any Vinyl Kit(s) at 50% OFF - get FREE body(s)!

You MUST add the body of your choice to your cart yourself, before checkout.
One Free Body Per Kit Purchased.


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Hope everyone at bountiful baby has a great Christmas and new yrs

Thank you for the sale I was able to order couple kits I borrowed some money I just will work it off next week for person I babysit for.

I noticed some things aren’t the same on the wholesale vs retail? Gabriel is sold out on the wholesale site :tired_face: what’s up with that @bbsupport

For me, when I select Realborn Kits on the main upper left menu, a page that says, “this site can’t be reached” comes up.

Same with the Supplies option on the menu. Doesn’t open. All menu prompts refuse to open.

We are not seeing a problem.

It was likely a brief glitch with Shopify.


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Great sale wish I could of gotton more but got couple and just going to pay friend back with babysitting. Thank you that helped a lot to be able to get a couple kits

@bbsupport :pleading_face::thinking:

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