I saw that auction and that puppy is adorable !!! WE NEED PUPPIES and KITTIES!!! … 730wt_1139

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - picture my puppies begging for pups! That’s the image BB! We would so love to have pups to paint and create

BB just put it in the Gallery… so it will be available… hopefully they will do some others too??

That puppy is the most ridiculously adorable thing I have ever seen I would buy these all day! Finally something for my little boys!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! (monkeys are not my style- these pups would be perfect for my little boys.) PLEAAAAASEEEEEEE

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I like the idea. '
I think conner would make a cute kitten.

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Here are babies that a BB member reborned as cats: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=48109&hilit=cats

Cute! This sure is a new and fresh idea for reborning. I’d love it if they produced a full vinyl versions of various animals.

I hope she does labs and all the other breeds. I need my babies as babies. My yellow lab Buddy is 13 and my black Lab/Mastiff mix is 12. I need Lab puppies. I could use several breeds. PLEASE!

I thought that puppy was the cutiest little thing I have ever seen.

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I fell in love with the pup as soon as I saw it. Hope she does other breeds and some kitty’s,too. I’m sure they would be BIG sellers! I’m sure my cousin is drooling as she has pugs.

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Oh yes, I have a dear friend who just lost one of her Persian cats and how I would love to do one for her! I used “kitty-sit” for her cat when she went to visit her mom in France so I became attached to her too. What a lovely gift it would make for my friend.

I’ve never really liked pugs before but this one is adorable. I think it is the fact that they sound like they can’t breathe and I can sympathize too well with the feeling with my sinus problems! This sculpt is too adorable! My 12 yr old daughter isn’t into the dolls (a little jealous! LOL!) but she loves animals. I just ordered a monkey for my daughter-in-law to do for Christmas. Their daughter is only 7 weeks old so I figure by then, she’ll have outgrown a few things for the monkey and my babies to wear! Hard to see her grow but drooling over the clothes! Someday I get the pacis and bottles and blankies and bibs… Right now my doll clothes stash is being used by her so I figure it’s payback to get some of her things for the babies! And I’m already looking forward to making dolls for her! She better love them like my first daughter loved her babies! Don’t need another tomboy!