Basket Baby Bodies?

I know she is not making them anymore but does anyone remember the thread that said who took over for her? It was on here recently.

When did she stop making them? Oh no!

I’m not sure Helen but I remember seeing on her site or here (whatever) that she has someone else doing them now. I just can’t find it. I even PM’d Pia cause she use to buy from her. I have never used her bodies but I need a few and I can’t seem to find a 20" full limbed body with side loading legs. It’s for my Oscar. Do you know where I can get one like that? I have looked on some sites and they bodies look awful. Any suggestions?

I was just on Carmen McNair’s site for Basket Babies, and I didn’t see any indication of change. There were no messages that I could see to that effect.

OK, am I going crazy???

Were you on

Gawd, I don’t know------did I dream this???

I just went there and everything seems fine. I’m Nuts!!! Did I mix this up with somebody else? Help Me, Losing it here !!!

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Hmmmmmmm. I would call that a “senior moment” if it was me. :tongue:

Lynn, maybe you’re thinking of Chelle’s Babies; she does say she is no longer making bodies.


THAT’S IT !!! I’m not Crazy, just a bit MIXED UP LOL. Sorry Everybody for the confusion. OB2 you are right it definitely WAS a senior moment, HaHaHa. Problem solved, Thank You Amy.


Amy is the super sleuth and problem solver for the aged. :police_car: :older_man: :laughing: We need someone to keep us in line.


You’re welcome, Lynn!!

I may need help on another day! :wink:

Full disclosure…when Lynn first mentioned it, I was saying “Yes, she’s right!” I was confused when I saw the site but then I remembered Chelle’s site. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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LOL Us seniors have to help each other. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m so glad. She made my Katie-Marie body and I’m so pleased with it. I intend to order more from her in the future.


I would have been devastated if she quit. I order most of my bodies from her.

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@honojane On the subject of seniors helping one another, I have to thank you, Helen, for giving me the courage to list on I had been thinking about it for a long time, but when I saw that you did it, I got the extra little nudge I needed. I listed my boo boo baby and sold it within 2 weeks or so.

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Glad they straightened you out @lynn. I did respond to your PM though! If Carmen ever quits making bodies, I guess I will have to buy a serger and the patterns and make my own! LOL.


Oh Yikes, that does NOT sound like fun ! Sorry about the upset, but thanks for the PM.

I never could figure out a serger. More power to ya, Pia.