Babyhead jackpot!

A few days ago BB had practice heads on sale for less than four bucks, no choice of who you get. I bought three of them, expecting old, damaged heads. Big surprise when I unwrapped a near perfect Lainey and two Everlys!! Yowza.

Thanks BB! Practice heads will likely become cuddle babies instead :heartpulse:


I love when I catch the heads on sale like that. I like the surprise. None have had any flaws I have seen either


I got Amber I only ordered one from curiosity just wondered what they might send .

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Wish I had seen that.

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Wow, two Everlys! Got really lucky there!

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Where do you find these or other practice limbs on the site…

Where on the site can you find them. When I put in words to search seems I can’t find nothing

They are only on there randomly.

When they are they are in the parts section (normally at the last listing by test arm, etc.)

It takes a little digging to find them. Here’s a link:

They don’t have practice heads very often, but they almost always have the limbs.

Haha we were typing at the same time @jlesser :wink:

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And sometimes if you watch people will post that they have seen the test heads in supplies so you can snag one if you are quick but they do go fast.
The last time they had them they had closed eyed and then they added open eyed however they do not last long everyone seems to want them.