Baby-sized dolls that aren't babies?

I had been planning on buying a silicone fantasy creature from a very talented artist, but some personal issues (not money-related) have arisen, and now I’m second-guessing my plan. Since I’m going to college next September, I’m trying to find a silicone baby-sized doll to help with anxiety that isn’t too realistic… I’m SO terrified of being judged for this hobby! :cold_sweat:

Do you know of any silicone dolls that are more on the fantasy-based side of things, and that might not be so “scary” to a roommate? I know there are many people working on dragons now, and I’d like to see what’s out there. Thanks everyone!

(I should mention, the person I can’t buy from is NOT active on this forum… and I’m purposefully keeping this post non-specific so as not to offend anyone!)

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There’s a lady on fb who makes all kinds of fantasy babies. Her current one is an adorable mouse! Too cute!


I’m familiar with her work! Do you know of anyone else who does similar dolls?

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Also who cares what a roommate might think. They will either accept it or not but it shouldn’t be an issue if you explain it to them. Most after initial shock actually find them neat.


There are a few who do but they charge about the same. You might find a tiny one for under $600

Thanks for the advice! I’m actually not too worried about price at the moment… I’m definitely going to be downsizing my collection, so I’ll probably have some extra money by the time I buy. Just looking for different available options :smile:


Oh I agree if you love something who cares what someone else thinks … as long as your not putting the thing in your room mates bed etc lol …

what about a monkey? you can get from BB and reborn it yourself I think there is one on sell now.

Relax! You won’t be the only one in a college dorm with a special comfort object. Every other kid will have a stuffed animal of some sort! My daughter brought her bear she has slept with all her life. I gave my son a stuffed dog which is on his desk in res.

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I say get what you really want and own it with pride and confidence. You’ll be judged regardless. It’s just what people do, especially when young and still figuring things out. Easier said than done but no sense in being embarrassed. It’s a tender sweet and artistic hobby. Truly My biggest regret in hindsight is caring so much about what people think that I missed out on some great things. I don’t care at all anymore. There are bigger things going on in the world than me and my interests :nerd_face: