Baby filling

I really don’t see anything wrong with the recycled glass.


EVERYONE, JUST TO CLARIFY I never said anything was wrong with using this green glass. I just showed a photo of it and gave a description of what it was like. It is interesting to see the different products that others use and I thought we could all observe it without anyone flipping out about it one way or another. I also made a point that this glass that was in my baby is very dusty and therefore I chose not to put it back inside him because I did not want to stir the dust of it back up again pouring it back in. I have allergies and do not wish to run the risk of inhaling that type of thing. If you are fine with using dusty glass then go for it. Once again, not saying it is bad just saying I don’t like the dust. I too have seen pictures of the green glass that Bean uses but I have never gotten any or to my knowledge ever seen any. She did not make my baby. It could be this is the same stuff or not I have no idea.

My greater point here was that if you use cheap poly fill type stuffing it feels hard in the body of the doll and is not cuddly. I use the Poly Fill brand premium and it makes a big difference. It also does not seem to pack down in my dolls. I do not like an understuffed baby either but I do want it to move and feel cuddly and not hard in the body.


I don’t hear many members talking about "cluster stuff’ anymore, is it still available? Thats what I use in the body but use the premium Poly-fil in the limbs and head. Anybody still using the cluster stuff?

I have cluster stuff, I believe I bout it from Hobby Lobby or Walmart. I used in some, but was afraid that it will pad so much with the time. I have BB Angel silk (my nose hate it, though, as it gets everywhere :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:). I only use it in torso around glass pouch, and fill the butt and shoulders with regular poly-fil. My last Poly-fill purchase from Hobby Lobby is not what is used to be. It grayish in color and more stringy.

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I love Cluster Stuff and I use regular polyfill in the butt before I add mt weighing bags…

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I have seen the cluster stuff but wondered about it packing down too.
I get my Polyfill at Walmart, the real brand and in the big bag for $14.99.
They also sell the cheaper brand and that is what I think packs down harder. I get it sometimes to fill heads and top off limbs as it does not matter there.

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I got an ‘extra premium’ poly fill from Walmart once that was very soft and floofy. It was nice. I can’t find it anymore, just true regular premium polyfill. There is this other stuff that is very thick sort of batting material and I wonder if some people use that. I wouldn’t but, probably someone somewhere does.
I used to stuff my babies floppy but the fill does compress with time, just with them sitting there too, so I tend to over fill now to compensate for any of that in the future. Edited to add I guess squishy is the word, not floppy.


I use Cluster Stuff in the Belly area polyfil in the bottom along with a cut up bra - sometimes. I also use a pool noodle cut up for the neck area if needed. I do some strange things but I paint for myself so. . .The dolls that I make for my friends and family I do it the normal way, hehe. The only thing that I haven’t tried that I want to is bamboo hair. Any thing weird I want to try. :face_with_peeking_eye: :roll_eyes: :joy: :wink: :thinking:


I didn’t think inferior, but I know a lot of people feel that way about anything that isn’t micro glass, it has become a standard in reborns I think. I was and am just chiming in. Not everyone has worked with all the different options. I personally don’t have an issue with what anyone fills a baby with, not everyone has access to the same materials or the resourced to purchase them. I think It is all good as long as you do your best.

I do draw the line at beans rice and driveway gravel, yes it has happens and my heart breaks into a million pieces when someone is outed, bless that woman’s heart she was doing her best.

I do get jokey about sharpie babies but if that is all you have, that is all you have, you do better when you know better and you have more.

Disclosure is free.

Its all good.


I agree as long as you disclose, it’s fair game. Yes sand isn’t used for many reasons, but if the ad says ‘this doll is weighted with sand’, is the artist really doing anything wrong? I think the standard that people expect is glass beads, but if the artist is honest about what they’re using, I guess people can’t complain!

I feel like the issue would happen when/if the doll is resold and the previous owner didn’t disclose :grimacing:


Hahaha new meaning to beanie baby :joy::joy::joy: