Baby "Emma" has arrived

The Emma kit was delivered today and she is a little beauty. So glad I pre-ordered this one.
She is by Natalie Scholl and LE of only 200.
Emma is 19-20”” long with full arms and full legs.


She’s an absolute sweetheart xx

If she looks this good in bare vinyl, she’ll be stunning after you’ve worked your reborning magic :blush:


She is cute! Cant wait to see her finished!

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Congrats!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

Looks like she could be twin A and B’s triplet. If the twin kits were boys she was a girl they look like they’d go together nicely. Very cute kit!

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Aww thanks…I’ve had to email the store I purchased her from as I’m sure she should have a body with her wrap around belly plate which had to be ordered separately. Maybe I read it wrong but I don’t think so. What would you make of it? I paid the extra $33.

> (We also have a wrap-around girl tummy plate that is available for Emma that comes with a special designed body for $33.00, please choose from the dropdown.)

Anyway I didn’t get one.

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She is cute must have been another I missed seeing lol.

I believe she is a bit bigger than twin A & B both being only 17" kits.

She is beautiful I love her hands. Can’t wait to see her when you reborn her.

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What a cute kit, Lynette!

Update…in response to my e-mail, the seller will be sending out the ‘spare’ body they found after all kits had been mailed. Lol Glad it’s sorted tho.