Baby Clyde after my poodle got him

This is baby Clyde after my poodle got it i had made him for the church he was going to be baby jesus for Christmas now I need to get another head for him

Oh no can u fix it

Oh NO!!! I am sure that if you ask BB you will be able to get another head for him.

Oh gosh, sorry that happened :confused:

I said “Oh, no.!!” before I even saw him…so sorry this happened to you :rage:

I am so sorry that it got destroyed. I am fortunate that my fur baby (golden retriever) will not touch, sniff or even look at my dolls. I never trained her she just seems to know its off limits. She has her own “babies”.

Oh NOOOOOOOOO…poor Clyde!!!

I hope BB can help you out with a new head…

Bad dog…bad bad dog!!!

Wow all that hard work gone. Would have been better if it were a limb. So sorry.

So sorry, that is so sad!

Aren’t Golden’s just the sweetest dogs ever? And the best thing about them is that they just hate to have anyone get mad at them so they try always to be good. Sweet babies one and all…


So sorry to see this. You must be crushed after all that work.

I have a different experience. LOL Our family had a poodle when I was in elementary school, and it never tore up anything. Then when I was in high school my dad got a golden, and that dog tore our house apart during the day while we were at school and work. He would literally eat vinyl records, chew books, pull the curtains, eat the carpet. It was so bizarre. He must have been extremely ticked off that we left him during the day.


I’m so sorry, Alice! I can hear you scolding your dog, “Bad doggie!! We don’t eat Jesus’ nose!” :flushed:


I’m so sorry to see what your poodle did to poor baby Jesus. I hope that you can get another head for him.

Oh no!!! This is just terrible! :frowning: