Baby carriage

I just bought this baby carriage today at once upon a child for 90.00 I am taking it to rose doll show with my babies in it


It’s lovely :sunglasses:

I have a thing for strollers and prams, much to my hubby’s despair :joy:


So pretty!!! I so want a pram! But I swear, the FIRST time I took it for a walk, would bring me divorce papers SAME DAY! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grimacing:


I have four of them…they take up so much space like parking a mini cooper indoors :slight_smile: One was a “has to go”, but I’ve managed to find a storage place for the wheel base and the bassinet, way up high in my craft room to get them out of the way. The brakes are set on the wheel base so that it won’t come tumbling down on me. I’m still reloving this one in the photo, hopefully this Spring I can give her life :sunny:


Oh wow! I’m currently drooling :heart_eyes:


I plan on her looking a lot like this beauty when she is finished :slight_smile:


Oh my! That is stunning :heart_eyes:

Great find, Alice! :smile:

@twolipsanddande, you carriage is gorgeous! Looking forward to see what you do with it.

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thank you ladies

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very pretty that carriage is vintage

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Thank you! The Era is late 1890 and for her age she is in pretty good shape. As far as eye catching and being easy to put in a vehicle @alicekay56 hit the jackpot!

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Wow! This is amazing! Love it.


Very Nice! I love pink stuff :blush:

A lady who used to be into reborns in my town gifted me a carriage a few years ago…it was sooo pretty but took up so much room that I took off the wheels and handle and now it’s a bassinet lol.


you was lucky :grinning: now I am going to look for a car seat carrier my husband going to kill me I love all the baby stuff
I guess because I never had babies but now I got a lot of them


That is such a sweet little story! Must have been a nice lady :slight_smile:

I think you should take the carriage (and your babies, of course! :joy: )