Baby Berenguer upgrade💕

Earlier this week I posted that my friends Berenguer was sleeping over for the weekend. I wanted to send her back with a few surprises. She only has the outfit she came in which is big and bulky. I’m sending home a onesie, the carter’s baby owl outfit and 2 crocheted hats that don’t fit my baby. I bought a pack of headbands at the dollar tree, and put moleskin on the back of her paci which had an exposed magnet. I also made her a new paci with a clip cause that clown is just scary! I’m going to put baby back in her old clothes and wrap the other things up as a surprise! That way she can have fun dressing her up :slight_smile: I also conditioned the wig so it looks better too.


That is so sweet and so sweet and thoughtful of you!! What a kind friend you are! Can I ask what moleskin is?

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What a great sleepover, I bet she’ll be coming back!

You can find it in the foot are isle. It comes in sheets of felt like material with adhesive on the back. Got that tip on the forum😉


Oh wow how nifty is that?! Thanks!

So sweet!

That was very thoughtful! I think your friend will be very happy. :grin:

That’s really sweet of you! Moleskin is the best

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