Baby Avi - please post yours


Question , you said you had painted yours all blue So you must have encountered the vinyl of the limbs how did you like working with it ? I found it very troublesome myself they were extremely soft and so long they had a tendency to want to fold up :smile:


Yes. Very bendy. 1 of the reasons I went with air dry. I paint with Ghsp normally.


I always use air dry but even with that it was a challenge LOL even putting sealer on I had to change my normal application methods.
But all in all I am glad I reborn her it was fun but did take a lot longer than I would normally take to finish painting .


SWEET!!! Very Cool :star_struck:


Thank you !


Awe I didn’t know she was a minor pain. Glad she had a patient Artist.


LOL she was well worth the effort @Anne and I would not be totally against working on one again I would know second time around about the collapsible limbs issue :smile:


Aww, these cuties just keep multiplying!


@Katinafleming Katina, I washed my Joseph, but felt that I needed to finish CASA baby first so nothing will be in a way. Actually, he is 3rd in line right now, but I’ll try to do at least one layer each night just to satisfy my itching curiosity how to do a blue baby.


I love how they all have such different personalities. Can’t wait to see yours!


@marrabo @Anne Dear RA who painted their avatars, can you give my any idea how many blue washes needs to be done to achieve avatar blue colors? Just approximately so I’ll have at least some idea what I’ll be dealing with.

I also decided to experiment with a primary method before ‘main’ blue tone. Just did the first red layer. It makes me so nervous that I don’t do correct concentration, or the fact that in places like ears or fingers when I using brush vs. vedge the color looks more concentrated and I am worried that I will not blend those places enough to be even. I probably should not worry about any of that since he will be an avatar baby. Plus I think little Joseph was predestined to be an Avatar as he came from seconds batch and has black dots in vinyl which can be masked with white dots.


I am doing a test limb trying to achieve pure white. I am doing a pretty heavily pigmented white wash and I am after layer 7 finally feels like maybe just one more and I am good. I don’t want to do too heavy of layers for fear the paint could crack. If you learn some better way please share :grin::wink:


@Reefbubbles Thank you for sharing your ‘white experience’ I would need that too as baby-ghost on my to do list also.


I am trying my hand at making a blue and white porcelain baby, like the vintage style dishes.


Oh wow! That is interesting! You didn’t have to do any ‘human’ skin tone underneath for this, do you?


Nope just immediately started with the white washes. I am just doing the leg. Painting the whole kit that many layers will be time consuming that’s for sure!


But it will be so unique!


@YelenaRey I use Air Dry but I think maybe 3 or 4 milky washes except for the places I wanted lighter and I think that was 2. Can’t wait to see yours and @Reefbubbles blue and white porcelain baby too!


I also use air dry and as @Anne said mine took about the same amount of layers except in areas where I shaded for depth or wanted it lighter .
It will be fun to see what you do with your avatar as everyone has a different style and idea of how they should look .


Thank you @Anne and @marrabo and @Reefbubbles. I am striving for the Vicke Locke style, but we’ll see if I can come even close.


I’m actually a tad bit nervous like I’m a new reborner lol!