Baby Avi - please post yours


Your babies are amazing, you are so talented! Maybe you can give our sweet @YelenaRey with some pointers for her project :heart_eyes:


Nicely done! They are so cute and I love the color you achieve!


@ladyavtr Vicki, thank you for sharing. Your babies are amazing! I want to turn my Priscila in to avatar baby too. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking your time to answer my questions that I sent to you from Reborns site.


Thank You Ladies for your kind words~they are greatly appreciated! Wishing ALL A Blessed & Happy Easter :rabbit::hatching_chick::hibiscus:


Your avatar Joseph was amazing!


So I have finally finished my other avatar Big Thanks to @Anne for selling me her Venera kit .


@marrabo wowww!! So cool!


Thank you !


@marrabo I am so happy you got her, Such a great idea, she is so beautiful! What an awesome Neytiri!

@ladyavtr such nice babies also.

You two almost make me want to do another. I do have Clover :thinking:


Thank you ! I am willing to look at your new avatar anytime :sunny: this is my last one I plan to do but it was fun .


She looks so cool! She is such a strange kit. I started mine in reborn fx paint last year and have no desire to work on her ever… But yours looks awesome!
Did you make her clothes?


@jlesser I hope you finish yours!


Thanks ! you should try to get in the mood to finish her you may really be surprised . Yes I made everything right down to the feather necklace lol nothing is made with that small or long limbs to fit .


She looks Amazing!!! Great outfit and hair!


Thanks !


Wow, Venera is really suit for Pandora planet beautifully - tall like them, with pointy ears! Good choice!


Now,that’s awesome!Great job!


Thanks ! @MaryJane and @YelenaRey she is a fun little lady .


Exquisite! I would be very surprised if the theme park doesn’t offer to buy her. She is as good as any replica at Pandora.


What a lovely compliment Thank you !