Avery finished

Avery is finished Shes my second Avery.My favorite sculpt so far.I kept this last one on right.She Was my 4th baby…Left is my 9th.
Not sure ive gotten better! Think the hair is about it!


Both babies are lovely!!

Thanks…Everyone is different but i just adore this face!!
plus lots of wrinkles in hands and feet.

They’re both adorable but I do see the improvement. I love Avery, one of my favorites.

The new one has a wider face.Kind of makes it look a little different. Guess just the lot number for the kits.


Congrats on her sale!

Thanks same lady wanted both.Avery and Jaden to be a brother to Avery . I got lucky
…Ive kept prices low as my hair isnt perfect but i think lower draws new collectors which im hoping will join in collecting more later .Ive had 2 new adult collectors and 2 bought for 11 and 12 year olds.First i put up… im not sure about…
I put Sugar up ladt night for more because shes so sweet looking .See how that goes .