Ava Raine aka Charisma...please root her on!

Oh I love her Crystal, she is adorable! I put a watch on her.

She is outstanding…hope she soars for you…BOL

You never cease to amaze me! She is gorgeous! Rootin’ her on and have her on my watch list as well…can’t wait to see your next one already!

Well, Crystal, I have your website on my favorites toolbar so I can keep myself updated…

You are, by far, the best ethnic baby reborn artist out there. Even my brother (who couldn’t care less for babies, real or reborn ones), saw one of your babies and said he would have one if he could afford it!

And Charisma is just another proof of all that!

Best of luck (even though I know that, with your superb work, you certainly don’t need it).


Mamacat agrees 100% with MsRed
Another drop dead gorgeous baby!!! AND she has YOUR lips
You really don’t need cheering,she will be "outta the park"

Love your work

Love your work