Authentic Reborn Paints?

Does anyone use these? I ordered like 4 colors to test out. I know they bake like Genesis. Are they supposed to be thinned with thinner prior to using? I am thinking yes.

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I use them sometimes! I love them! I actually have a bunch of trial sizes on the vintage blossom line, which I believe are for darker babies??? If anyone can use these let me know! I’ll send you!! :heart:

Really? Then these little jars aren’t gonna last long LOL! I figured they had to be thinned.

Do you thin yours @Nikkiroc ?

Nope! Straight from the jar:-)

They look dark, but won’t after you blend:-) which did you order Mandy?

I ordered the strawberry blush and lips… And a couple of the peaches and cream blushes and ceases. They are teeny tiny jars lol

Yes they are! I use the sweetheart rose set and the strawberry the most❤️

So I don’t have to thin them or mix them? That’s cool! Will test a color out later or tomorrow lol

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Mandy, you can use the AR crimson straight out of the jar for capillaries.


I use AR paints all the time. I use then just like @sony72. If I’m doing detail work, ill use straight out of the jar but I use thinner and put a few drops in my lid and add a little paint in with it. I like some of the colors, strawberries and the sweetheart roses and peaches and cream mixes. @Nikkiroc, what do u want for the vintage blossom ones? I’ve been wanting to get these colors next to try but just haven’t ordered them yet.

Shan, I just have the little trial ones… But pm me your address and I’ll send you a set!!! :heart:

I just got the strawberry ones too. Amazed at how small the jar was. The creases one had a big chunk of pink light pink in it which surprised me. The colors weren’t what I was expecting. When I had strawberry from Luminaires air dry, it was a pretty strawberry color. This is a purple shade line. I got the creases, blush and lip colors. I like the smoothness but disappointed in the colors and the size, especially since they already are thinned. Probably won’t order them again. I had been putting off getting them till I could work on dolls again. So went back to BB’s colors and will probably only use these for undertones. Bummer. Just glad I ordered the small size. Compared to BB’s small size, these are smaller and will last half the time because of the thinner in the jar… Not worth it to me.

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Yea and they are more expensive as well. I am liking the shade it is giving me when I use it but not really enough paint for the money. Not sure it is totally worth it yet though

The little ones are little! I ordered the big jars from secrest:-)

I am just trying them out for now… If I like them I’ll
Check them out at secrist. :smile:

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