Att bb: this has to be wrong

ok maybe this person is’nt doing anything techily illegal…but wow the brass balls…this person is takeing $ 35 deposits on the precious kits and the balance is $ 55… … 3a76d31747 …sage

Oh my goodness can she do that? It is very decieving too…if you don’t read the whole post you wouldn’t even know that there is another $55 charge

to top it off they are useing bb pix…talk about major balls…i emailed bb about it…i’m awaiting precious 's release as my bestest friend is a pugaphile…lollol…she’s been xtra super supportive of my reborns…so i realy want to make one for her…sage

everything she sells is a BB product with a big mark up. It somehow just seems[size=14] wrong[/size]

The kit isn’t even available, so I don’t know how this person can be so sure they will receive the quantity of kits. People.will do anything for a buck. I’ve seen the free patterns for clothing from BB up for sale on ebay, too.