Asher awake? when will he be available?

Anyone know when Asher awake will be for sale?

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Do you know what the estimate date is? Inquiring minds want to know! :slight_smile:

Sold my Presley tonight maybe I need to buy another Presley and Asher sleeping ~ Are they waiting for the last two to sell out? Wonder how many they have left. I missed out on the Presley sleeping just didn’t want to miss out again on Asher

Asher is such a cute baby… I am going to keep the one I got. Now just waiting for him Awake! :slight_smile:

There were over 50 of the Presley Awake earlier today. Haven’t a clue about the Asher, but if they wait for him to sell out, I am guessing it will be months. I think they will release him on the 24th at the Doll Show that BB is attending. Just a WAG!