Asher Awake - Custom Order Finished

Here is little Asher awake…she travels home to her new mom tomorrow :smile: Loved doing this kit…The realborns ARE definitely worth the money and more fun to paint!


Beautiful work, Starr. She is adorable.

Love your Asher awake !!

Thank you so much for the kind comments ladies… :smile:

I love your work, Starr! I don’t even like Asher and you made that baby adorable!

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I agree!!! I didn’t even recognize him!! STARR! Presley awake is my favorite! Will you do that one??? I would love to see what you would do!!!:smiley::heart:️:smiley::heart:️:smiley::heart:

So pretty!!!

Thank you my lovely friends…so very nice of you to say…I have to say that I was a bit worried about it too…lol You never know what your customers are going to throw at you so you just sort of hope and pray something nice comes out at the end of it… :smile:

I do want to do that one…I have it on my 'Starr’s Stash" list hoping to get it for my personal collection…I have my little Presley asleep so just need to get the awake one and I hope to do them as twins…Will post pics when I do… :smile:


Thank you so much…

She’s beautiful and her mommy is very lucky to have her :heart:

Thanks so much Karen… I had a bit of trouble rooting her lashes for some reason…Probably because they are so light and hard to see…but they are there…lol :smile:

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I see them! :thumbsup:

I love that glorious red hair. You have done an amazing job here.

What a lucky new mommy!! She is a beautiful baby!!

What a cutie!! You did an amazing job on her.

What an adorable Asher, Starr!!

Thank you very much ladies…You are all the best ever…Know how to make a person feel very nice inside…Thank you :smile:

I think it is the detail…especially in the limbs…It is so 'natural"…not deep slashes and not so faint you can’t find it…and the vinyl is is lovely to work with AND it is probably psychological, knowing it is a scan of a real baby that you are painting…haha! Not really sure and it is probably just me but I had a very relaxed enjoyable time painting them both.


That is such a great way to put it!!! I have a Presley asleep… But I am wAiting until I can get Presley awake to work on them as twins​:smiley::smiley: I absolutely LOVE Presley awake!!! Now I’m even more excited! Thanks Starr!!! :smiley::heart:️:smiley::heart:

What a beauty, love you’re version​:heart_eyes::heart:️:heart_eyes::heart:️:heart:️:heart_eyes:

Thanks so much! :smile: