As Long As I'm Going to the Post Office Giveaway~WINNER!

Yes, it’s another one.
It’s BB kit overload at my house. So, here’s the deal…
I have a BB kit ready to ship to the first person that guesses which one it is.
Please, out of respect for others, do not guess but one time and only post ONE kit name.

Needed to add that this is a 2nds kit bought a couple of months ago.

Is it Gena?

Sorry, not Gena or Gabriel.


— Begin quote from “preciousnewborns”


— End quote

Sorry, not Cuddles.

Is it Ladybug ?

— Begin quote from “Lunchlady”


— End quote

It is!
PM me with you mailing info and I’ll take her to the PO tomorrow.

Congrats hun!

And you are too sweet and generous. What a kind person you are

I got your PM and sent you a new one.