Arms and Legs

Do you think a Morgan head and arms will work with Paisley legs ???


I would think so

I think the head may look too small.

Morgan has a very tiny looking head. Do you already have one? From the bottom of the neck to the top of the head it only measures 5" (what shows is 4") and is only 3.5 " wide. If I remember correctly (and I can’t get to Paisley’s limbs easily right now) Paisley has rather chunky limbs. I think it may look awkward.

I have both and -nope it wont work -micro cephalic baby LOL

Thanks kids -
I did a Morgan quite some time ago and I think I recall her being thin-limbed and petite looking, but just wanted to get some “professional” thoughts on this.


Maybe Shyann limbs. Hers are rather petite.

i have morgan here and he/she is tiny bubba, I think Shyann will be perfect too or are they same limbs? LOL

I did a bunch of mine with ember limbs.