Are all dolls considered fake if they have a similar look to a reborn sculpt?

It happens all over the place.

In the 80’s when I was a young mom I made craft show stuff to earn a little money and to get out in the world, my gawd being a SAHM is lonely and isolating.

What ever you bought to market would be copied at some point. You just had to stay one idea ahead if you wanted to stand out. It sucked. People have no shame.

Here is the deal, do it because you love it, who cares what anyone else does or thinks. Bring your A game, make your mark, enjoy it.

If people copy and steal know that you have something they do not, creativity, and integrity, you can’t copy or steal that.

I think the mistake a lot of creatives (like me) make is turning something fun into a “job” so we can have work we love. In a perfect world that is all we would have to do. Business is brutal.

If you think this is washed up, tweak it, find a way to do something new and different.

Make baby head purses, make budget-y babies and be a fairy godmother, go from memory home to memory home making people happy, epoxy babies to a gigantic canvas and paint them all a crazy blue, pop art is awesome. Turn them into puppets and do a you tube baby show.

I am just throwing things out to be silly but seriously these babies have been around so long, people can’t resist them. Hold on a little longer, ride the slow time out if you can and see what happens. You already invested, you have nothing to lose.

And last, because I am bossy like that. Make your dream baby, take three months to paint every detail, root the hell out of that head, buy the cutest outfit you can find, then just stand back and admire your work, pat yourself on the back, master this thing. If you have to move on, you have that moment, that gold star and reborn artist crown you can always wear.


I agree 110%

Yup. When you do a craft fair, if you have something unique or different to sell, make and sell as many as you can the first time around because they will be copied. Then move on to something new. Or, bring back something that was popular a generation or two ago.