April release date?

Has anyone heard of a release date for April by Joanna K? Just curious.


No wonder you are courious , She is adorable …:slight_smile:

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All I have seen said this month… But no date…

I am waiting too. She looks like my granddaughter when she sleeps. I will need two of this one. The last I heard the legs were going to be remade and I think that was at the end of November.

I read she was getting pushed back to Spring, but no exact date.

I have been waiting!!!

I remember seeing that Joanna K. had sculpted new legs (maybe it was the arms) as I don’t think she was happy with them so that may be why the “delay.”

I just looked at the kit … and I am in love.


I have waiting on this one. I really hope Joanna K puts out enough notice. I never seem to get her kits due to being at work and such. I always get so disappointed. Don’t want that to happen, again. Especially, when it comes to this kit!!

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