Anyone wanna play "Pay It Forward"?

I wanna start something happy. I have been in the dumps lately, not even “up” enough to make any babies. One thing that I know cheers me up (and other people feel this too I am sure) is getting a package in the mail. I am going to select a name of someone who I have mailed something to in the past and I am going to mail them something. If you want to do the same thing it might start a cheer up frenzy. Wouldn’t that be nice?

This sounds great

I can PM a few addresses I have for some members here. Anyone who needs one just send me a PM.

Sounds good to me. I think all of us have been in a slump! Even sending someone a card would be a pick me up! I’m like everyone else though…I’m not sure if I still have the addresses of people I’ve sent things to and how many. I’m bad about deleting things without thinking… I’ll check on it. Sounds like it should just be like a mini round robin. Just a little thing or two, maybe to even more than one person. Only you randomly send it to whoever you can get an address for! Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!

I got my smile and caused another. Did you?

Let’s bump this up and if someone wants to have a pay it forward. we can start this again. If you want to do this just post saying I will play and someone can put on your post and pm you their address so you will have your pay it forward.

Count me in! I would need a little time though but i can send out something with 2 or 3 weeks if thats okay! could be sooner though i have to see what i have!

Sounds good to me, I love doing things like this…

Sounds good to me, I love doing things like this…