Anyone use oil paints

are there any of you gals that still use oil paints sometimes on your reborns, or has everyone just stayed with the genisis and airdry paints. i for some reason am not getting the right consistency with those paints, so i just wondered if any one does still use oils could they show a few pics for me to see how they look. thanks marlene

i would love to see some pics if you have some of the dolls that have been done with oils.
thank you for replying to me, marlene

Here are a couple that I did with the oil paints back in the day

These were my first two reborns. I now use Genesis and like it much much better

thank you ladies for all the pics i appreciate that. rose i love the peaches and cream look on the dolls what colors do you use if you dont mind me asking, thanks again

perfectly worded thank you, now i have some ideal as to try this out, i just wasnt having any luck with the genisis or other paints, just cant get them right but i will try out this way hopefully i will be a little more forgiving with my work. lol thanks rose

Rose your babies are just beautiful!
Back “in the day” as someone said I used oil paints and oil pastels. Back then I was only blushing my babies though and we used linseed oil to thin them. We did find out linseed oil can turn the baby orange over time but oils are very permanent. They just take some time to cure.

I recently used oil pastels thinned with odorless mineral spirits to re-blush this baby because her Jo Sonjas paint had faded some due to not being sealed. So I sealed her with Genesis matte varnish first because she is a silicone mix vinyl then re-blushed her with oil pastels thinned with odorless mineral spirits . … ePooh2.jpg
I also used oil pastels thinned with odorless mineral spirits to just blush this guy and enhance his lip color. Then I went back and sealed his lips with air dry gloss varnish. … outfit.jpg … ngkids.jpg
Rose, do you have to wait any period of time between layers using the paints with thinners like you are?

thank you for all the pictures and the help, all the babies are awsome.

Yes, oil pastels look like crayons. I used them for blushing. I have about 3 colors I liked and I would just color on my fingers with the crayon and then dip my fingers into whatever thinner I was using and work the blushing onto the vinyl. If you are using a sponge, put the thinner on the sponge first and then color it evenly with the pastel crayon and then apply it from the sponge to the doll.

I pretty much use LDC paints all the time now but that was how I used the oil pastels in the past.

LDC paints don’t need to be sealed. If allowed to cure properly they are just as durable as Genesis.
I do find that if you prime your vinyl first you have much better results with them sticking, the vinyl not looking shiny and the paints curing better. Debbie taught me the trick of putting Genesis matte sealer on the vinyl first before you paint. If you can’t use Genesis then I recommend Delta Ceramcoat All Purpose Sealer. Many of these new softer kits are slick and not very porous and it is hard to get paint to stick or cure to the vinyl. Hard slick vinyls are hard to take paint too. If you prime the vinyl first it sticks much better and I find it won’t rub off after about a week. The paint will not stick to silicone vinyl unless you prime it with Genesis heat set matte varnish first.

Here is some priming info I posted on my website about it all: … cpaint.htm

If you are referring to the JS matte sealer, yes that will work. Your baby won’t have a matte finish though as all air dry sealers leave a bit of a sheen even the matte ones. I know some people cut the air dry sealers 50/50 with water and then use that as a top sealer to get it a little more matte looking.

Can I ask why you feel you must seal the paints? They are designed not to need to be sealed. Linda at DD has said that these paints were originally developed in Germany and used to paint play dolls and it is the same formula. Somehow she was able to work it out to market them for reborn doll painting.


I don’t recommend using any varnish sealer as a primer for vinyl before painting with LDC. Air dry primers are very different from air dry varnishes/sealers. Prep sealers are designed to bond with the surfaces they are painted on and create a “tooth” for the paint to adhere to. Even though you won’t really feel a noticeable texture to the Delta Ceramcoat All Purpose Sealer, it does have that property whereas varnishes tend to be more slick. I also tested the prep sealer to make sure that it does not peel off, scratch off etc. once painted on top of it. I can not guarantee that the paints will cure properly or not peel up, wash off etc. when painted over air dry varnish. If you want to try it do so on a test limb and give it a good 2 weeks to cure then see if the paint washes off, twist and bend the limb to see if it cracks etc.

If you don’t want to buy anything else, you would actually be fine to just paint the LDC on un-primed vinyl and that’s all. I have successfully done this with LDC paints on a Lotus reborn and a Trinity kit by Dawn Donofrio. It just takes the paints a bit longer to cure enough to sell the doll (the full 2 weeks) and you sometimes end up with a little bit of shine on tips of fingers and toes. It is sometimes hard to get the paint to stick to the Dolldreams vinyls without priming it though because it is slick. This is kinda funny considering it is the paint they recommend for their kits but true none the less. I have also had issues with Genesis not sticking to the DD kits too though so I know it is a vinyl issue and not a paint issue.

I bought my first container of the Delta Ceramcoat All Purpose Sealer years ago in the craft section at Walmart next to the Plaid paints. My Walmart no longer carries it though and now I buy it at Hobby Lobby. If you found another brand prep sealer that would work just as well I am sure as long as it is clear and says it prepares the surface for painting.

Jo Sonjas paints will fade on some vinyls if they are not top sealed which is why I recommend always priming and top sealing the doll parts when using Jo Sonjas. If you do that then they are durable as well. For a top sealer the Jo Sonjas matte varnish would be fine on JS, LDC or Genesis.

Rose -
Can you tell me what brand of oils you use?


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Finally, I did find matte Modge Podge. Do you think that would work? BTW I’ve never used Modge Podge so I know nothing about this product.

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Nope, I tried that before under Jo Sonjas paints and it peels up.

Jo Sonjas does make an all purpose sealer that is for surface preparation. In fact, they show it on the website link youngluv4ever posted on the same page as the Delta Ceramcoat All Purpose Sealer. So if they sell Jo Sonjas products in your area and you can find the Jo Sonja’s* All Purpose* Sealer (not the varnish) then that should work fine for you.

Moonby2, are you getting enough layering? I know when I first started I was frustrated because I didn’t seem to be getting the results I always saw with others’ babies. Then I realized, you have to keep adding layers and layers to start getting the effects. I wouldn’t give up just yet. Sometimes I have 4 or 5 layers before I start to see a difference.