Anyone That Crochets I Need help

I’m looking for someone to crochet me this item in a Newborn size. I need this color if possible and at a fair price point. I was just scammed on Etsy and don’t want that frustration again.


What is a fair price point for you ?

$45 to $50 including shipping.

I can do it for 55$ including shipping. I am in Canada. It’s not a guarantee I can find this color tho, maybe something similar.

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I think I have this pattern…I’ll check and get back to you

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Thank you so much!!

I was told to tag @quiltsabunch and see if she can help too.

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My fingers are crossed someone has this pattern. It would also be nice if I could see the yarn first.

I don’t have the pattern but might be able to find a similar one or figure one out that would be close enough. I did have yarn very similar to that, but not sure if I have enough left if any, I would have to take a look. I’m also in Canada, but shipping is probably not unreasonable for that. It is about $20 to ship a kit so it wouldn’t be more than that to ship this set.

@quiltsabunch Just let me know…I’m not in a huge hurry but would really like to get this done. I don’t mind paying the extra shipping.

Yes, I’ll take a look later tonight to see what I have. I’m sure between one of the 3 of us someone will be able to produce!

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Thank y’all!! I’ll keep watching here.

This is one I have done before. I this yarn similar to what you’re looking for ?

Oh, nvm…you want a rainbow type yarn. I’ll take a look tomorrow and see what I can find. I can definitely make it

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That’s a good pattern for what I want but I’m looking for bright pastels if there is such a thing.

I don’t have a clue as to what weight if yarn would be good but I love this especially since it has the metallic thread in it.


It looks like ice cream yarn

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Here’s the description

I don’t mind buying it and shipping to whomever can do this for me.

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Do you have a pattern?