Anyone recognize her?

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Doesn’t look familiar, maybe a silicone?

Sarah silicone by Alejandra De Zuniga


You are amazing! Thank you…

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Someone was attempting a scam and she blocked me when I called her out…

I always look at the phrasing used to see how they word their responses. Typically the chinese have phrases they use incorrectly. I don’t buy from any site that they are not straight forward with answers and use incorrect English. Just me .


I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but laugh at
“only disabled women should massage me” :joy::joy::joy:


Wow! I missed that part. Goodness :upside_down_face: :roll_eyes:

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It’s disgusting that they put that disabled people should message. They know that it’s more likely that they can be manipulated or taken advantage of and are trying to play on that. To me that’s a terrible terrible person, to be willing to purposely steal from the vulnerable


I hope no one thinks I was laughing about disabled people or those who take advantage of them :cry:
I just assumed in their broken English that they were trying to say something entirely different, and it came out really ridiculous.


@AGivensBaby I think you’re correct- it definitely sounds like something was lost in translation. I highly doubt that it came through as intended.

I didn’t take it that way from you at all :heart:

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That screen shot was from a scammer other than the “lisa” in the scam. The actual sculptor said there are multiple scammers using those same photos. So sad that there are so many scammers out there.


Oh I don’t think you meant any harm for sure. I knew you were talking about how they phrase things differently. I just know for a fact that a lot of these scammer deliberately prey on vulnerable people that may not understand or feel they have the chance to get a reborn at normal prices.

I always feel bad because the scam sites are selling these ‘reborns’ for around $100-200, and you can get a great doll from paradise galleries or ashton drake for that price. It may not be on the level of an artist created doll, but they’re still lovely and can serve the same purpose


That’s terrible :disappointed: