Anyone live in Denver?

Does anyone on here live in Denver? My daughter and sil are moving to Denver. She would like to talk to someone to get a general area that they might want to look at living in or stay away from. Schools etc.

My daughter just moved back from that area. They lived south of Denver in a little town named Elizabeth. Pretty little town.


I live in Denver :blush:

Can you tell me the best areas to live on a military income with good schools. We’ve heard houses are very expensive there. And when I go to see them I would love to meet you someday. They don’t leave till May. They are trying not to anyway they have a 8 and 9 year old in school. They can leave as early as Jan. But it would be hard moving in the snow. They are loving the thought of living there but I’m afraid it will bring about major changes.

Houses in Denver are pretty expensive! The market here has been pretty hot for a few years now. There are some really nice areas to raise a family around Denver. We have Buckley Air Force base in Aurora that a lot of military families live near. I guess it depends on their budget & what they are looking for in a house & neighborhood. To live in the city they need to be prepared to spend a lot of money on a place, even to just rent. A suburb is a good option. Parts of Lakewood are really nice if they want to be close to the city & the mountains. South Aurora also offers some great schools & affordable housing. Denver is beautiful & a great place to live. If you have specific areas they are looking at let me know & I will give you my opinion on them. I would be happy to meet up with you when come to visit :blush:

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Thank you I will let you know when they decided on and area. They want to live out of town near the air base so that’s helpful info. Can’t wait to meet you.

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