Anyone know who this is? Preemie

Hi ladies.

So a long time ago I stripped this kit and put her aside.
Took her our today and I have no idea who she is. Any ideas?

anything on the neck flange?

It says Joanna Gomez 2011

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Maybe Paige Gomez


That’s her! :smile: thank you.
She’s so skinny it might be hard to sell her when she’s done. But I guess I will find out

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She’s adorable. Caleb’s pretty skinny, too, but he sells well. I don’t think you’ll have a problem.

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You really need to get the paint out of all the grooves. Use fine toothbrush and tooth picks. I tried to paint over it like that and it never looked right.


Agreed. I’m going to strip her again and use a toothpick. :heart:

I have her too. I have stripped her but she has poly shoved deep in her hand and I have tried everything to get it out.

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Oh no.