Anyone know the name of this kit

This lady is selling lots of kits but she says it’s Kai by Lydia Yee. She has Kai listed too so I tried to ask again if she knew this kit and explained that it wasn’t Kai, but she didn’t answer. Does anyone here know? Thanks.

The head looks like Chantal by Jannie De Lange but the limbs are different. It’s not Kai by Lydia Yee. Kai has full arms and legs.

I looked up her list of kits I didn’t immediately recognize and I believe it or Ella Elizabeth by Brenda J. Smith.
Thank you for your help.

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There was a challenge held here on the BB forum years ago with this kit. Here is the link so you can see everyones different versions of Ella Elizabeth


It’s Ella Elizabeth for sure. There were some cute versions of her in the challenge.

There were so many participants!

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