Anyone have this happen before? 😳

Im sure this question may have been asked before but I searched and was unable to find What I was looking for. I’m currently working on a custom baby for a little girls who lost her mom In a car accident. This is the Lilly kit. Half way thru I was not happy with the way my skin tones were goin so I stripped her. Yes, I’m a stripper :flushed: The paint seems to have stained the vinyl is some places particularly on top of her head. Also the seems to be an indention on the top of her head that would make resemble a soft spot but it wasn’t there before. Is there someway I can bake and get the shape back to Normal. I’m afraid like this it will be a nightmare to root. Can I still bake with polyfil? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
I have another kit on hand I’ve considered just starting fresh with it.

By the way I use an oven thermometer to Verify oven temp for it’s not baking on too high a temp.

I think if you bake the head standing up then is to close to the heating element .

You can try to fix it in two ways

1 heat the head up and then fill it with cold water and hold that way ups I down until is cooling .

2 heat the head fill it with poly fiber let it cool down and from that time always bake it with the ply fiber in …

This are tips the way I fixed mine with good results but hopefully somebody else can help you .

I always lay down the head so no parts are to close to the heating element .


Are you using the extender ring on your oven? You have somehow melted your baby. This is easy to fix right now, although you might be stuck with the scorch stain. You should be able to neutralize it with paint. To reshape it, just stuff it tight with polyfil until it takes its right shape. Then bake it as usual (away from the element!) Wnen you take it out, let it cool completely with the stuffing still in the head. That should fix the dent.


I haven’t trie filling with water, couldn’t that cause mold? Also, try stuffing the head with cloths and then freezing it in the shape. Thats what I do! 8)

Oh, okay. Thank you! Yeah, I usually only leave it in for an episode of Quantico and then get it out.

Thanks ladies I will try to reshape. I’ve never seen this happen before so I was confused. :smiley: