Anyone have an extra 40 mm head plug they could send me?

I’ve somehow lost the head plug in the last few days. I don’t want to have to pay $8 shipping to get a 65 cent plug. Does anyone have an extra one they could possibly send me? Message me if you do. It’s 40 mm for Willow Flower.

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Can you just use felt or moleskin? A lot of the girls don’t use the plugs. Just another option to consider in a pinch.

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I also use moleskin, don’t bother with the plugs.

I use Moleskin too, no more plugs.

I hadn’t thought about moleskin, how would I do that?

Foot care section at stores (Walmart)

And the back is self adhesive. :slight_smile:

Oh nice. I only use it occasionally on pacifiers so I have never gotten a lot at once.

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I use to buy plugs n rings until I learned about the moleskin. I have rings n plugs, but don’t know the side of them.

I use plugs on every kit I can. I feel it makes them stronger, and less likely for the limb/neck to collapse enough for the cable tie to pop off.

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oh awesome, thank you!

Iam pretty sure I have an extra one if u still need one !

Thanks so much, I found the lost one just a little bit ago.