Anyone ever reborned RDK Lisa?

I have a LE RDK “Lisa” by Esther Kallouz. I don’t know what size she is supposed to be to order a body. She has 1/4 limbs and is quite purple. I’ll probably try to go AA with her. I was just wondering if anyone here has reborned her and knows what size body I should get. TIA!


From what I can find online she should be about 20".

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I did her a long time ago. I made mine a boy. I used a 20", 1/4 limb body. She/he is a cuddly little love.


Thanks, ladies! This is really helpful. Jeanhai, yours looks similar to the end result I had in mind. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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What an adorable kit! :heart_eyes: If you decide you want to sell the kit instead, or if anyone else has this kit, I am very interested in buying or trading:)

@jeanhai I love your version!