Anyone ever order from this site?

It’s based in Africa but they have a kit I was interested in.

No …sorry this is the first i’ve heard of it… Did you check closer to home for the kit ?
What would it cost to have a kit shipped to U.S. from africa anyone know ?

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I can’t find it in the US and I was wondering the same thing about shipping.

Have you asked about the kit on here yet ? sometimes the others know of places that have hard to find things.

My computer won’t even allow me to access the site. Are you sure it’s legit?

I did some research and I went to the Facebook page of the sculptor and she listed this site as one of the sites that will be carrying this sculpt. So I assume it’s legit. IDK what shipping would be from Africa tho. Then an artist I follow in Facebook posted their finished version of the same kit and said she had some blank kits to offer for sale too. But again, not US based so idk about shipping. I was looking for the Amelia kit by Kazmierczak. I think I’ll just pass on this kit. Thanks for your effort.

I went searching for you and found this on fb… Joanna Kazmierczak added 3 new photos.
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Anyone looking for Amelia vinyl kit? I have few kits left in my stash :blush: Amelia kit comes with coa, no body. This are pictures of completed baby by fabulous Silvia as an example how she might look like completed. I’m asking £49.99 per kit plus p&p , if you are interested please inbox me. Thank you xxxx

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